artist mending services can fix:

artist mending services doesn't fix: 

no bridal alterations, please  

repair pricing 

armpit repairs - $40 

crotch/inner thigh repairs: 

leggings - $50

pants - $60

new cuffs - $20 per cuff

basic hem - $25 

new waist elastic - $35

nip jeans at waist - $30+

rips or holes - $35+

estimates are recommended!

especially for invisible sweater repair, knees and elbows, rips near a pocket, quilts, etc

My minimum for a repair job is $35.


Standard repairs and alterations: 2-3 weeks

Intensive sweater repair: 

1 month or more


All payment is due after work is performed. You'll receive a bill with your finished repair and have 30 days to pay any bills of $50 or more. Please use check, cash, or VenMo (@artistmendingservices)

drop off

I work from a home studio in South Minneapolis' Bancroft neighborhood. There's a drop box for secure pick up/drop off on the front steps. Address is sent when you book. 



mending pile triage

I bring a sewing machine to your home. Together, we triage your mending. I tackle any quick repairs that can be done by machine, transforming an overwhelming pile into a short stack of repairs to do on your own. 

Available to Minneapolis residents only.


When dropping off a repair, you're welcome to leave instructions ("shorten hem by 4 inches" or "take in waist by 1.5 inches"). 

Not sure how much you want something shortened or taken in? I'm happy to consult during drop off. This will add $10 to your final repair bill. 

gender gear

Shopping for a bra or binder? I will take accurate measurements for free. Expect me to check in verbally about consent throughout the interaction. I can either provide written measurements, or consult size charts for a product you're considering and recommend the size(s) most likely to fit. I take measurements at my home studio; you're welcome to bring a friend. 

Want Artist Mending Services to pop up at your market/event, teach a class, or work with your organization? 

please email 


Artist Mending Services is a fast fashion alternative that

Artist Mending Services specializes in durable, invisible repairs that stretch. It's operated by Minneapolis-based artist India Johnson (she/her). 


do I have to wash an item before dropping off? 

only wash:

essentially, I want to avoid trapping a bunch of bacteria under a patch. If the item is washed regularly and isn't worn next to skin, an extra cycle before repairs isn't helpful. It usually makes rips or holes larger. 

what if a repair doesn't last?

Artist Mending Services offers a first wash guarantee. If a mend rips out before or during the first wash after repair, let me know and I'll make it right at no charge. 

can you hand wash a sweater, quilt, etc as part of the repair service? 

yes! please budget an extra $35 for washing.

why does clothing repair seem unaffordable?

the fashion industry is barely regulated. Most "affordable" clothing isn't manufactured ethically, resulting in toxic chemicals on clothes, damage to the earth, and exploitation of garment workers. When you hire Artist Mending Services, you make favorite clothes last longer, reduce waste, and directly support the local arts economy. 

how did Artist Mending Services start?

My training is in bookbinding, and rare book & manuscript repair. I've transferred these craft skills to clothing repair--I love offering an interactive service that connects me to neighbors in my community.